Monday, April 9, 2012

Practice Spelling with Rocket Speller - Young Learners

Rocket Speller is a fun and engaging spelling app for 3-7 year olds. Educators, occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents agree that kids are engaged and learning with this app.

Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a fancy new rocket. With 4 levels of difficulty, kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket pieces he needs. 

Correctly place letters to spell words and move through the game. Choose a rocket nose, body, and boosters. Once Zip has collected all the pieces, launch it from the launch pad and watch it soar into space!

Level 1 - Place letters in any order. Letter hints given.
Level 2 - Must place letters in order. Letter hints given. 
Level 3 - Simple words. Must place letters in order. No hints.
Level 4 - Complex words. Must place letters in order. No hints.

As a special surprise (and to invoke a giggle), touch Zip on the spelling pages and see what he does!

- Learn to spell words in a way that is fun, interactive and promotes self-initiated skill progression
- Develop awareness of how letters combine to form words
- Develop awareness of left to right order
- Promote letter recognition
- Reinforce knowledge of letter names
- Enhance vocabulary

Some screenshoots:

You can download this free app from this link:

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