Thursday, April 19, 2012

Top 12 iPad & iPhone Broswer Apps

If you are looking for something different from Safari to broswe the internet on your tablet or iphone, here are some alternatives.  Some of them are really efficient for using with students as they can play flash content and support webpages that Safari cannot. Below, you can also find browsers that may support instant sharing of websites via email,  video download on the mobile device, bookmarking, social media intergration and many more features. You can see the prices of each application  at the end of the post via the virtual iphone. 

Atomic Web Browser is the most advanced and customizable fullscreen web browser to date. Experience desktop features including Adblock, Tabs, MultiTouch Gestures, User Agent Switcher, Passcode Lock, Facebook/Twitter integration, Save Page, Downloads, and much more.

Mercury is the the most advanced and elegant web browser for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The rich feature set includes themes, downloading, printing, fullscreen browsing, file sharing, adblock, tabs, multi touch geatures, user agent switcher, private browsing, passcode lock, save page, Facebook/Twitter integration and a lot more.

 Opera - Get the world's most popular mobile browser for your iOS device, and start tracking your savings today. Keep Opera Mini handy on your iOS device, especially for those times you are on a slow network, away from Wi-Fi or when data roaming. Opera's cloud-assisted technology compresses data by up to 90% before downloading, so page loads are lightning fast.

 Skyfire allows you to watch Flash videos that otherwise don’t work on iPhone.
- Enjoy videos from sites like South Park, The Daily Show, Justin TV, and more. 
- More than 200,000 websites supported and new ones added daily. Twitter, Email, Instapaper, PinBoard, Read It Later, Tumbler, and more.

Ever wanted to display a webpage on a TV, projector or monitor from your iPad or iPhone? Or wished Safari could show you the article you're reading without ads and other annoying page elements? Webout lets you do that with minimal settings to configure and ease-of-use in mind. Plug in your VGA adapter any time to activate the screen mirroring or tap on the action button to choose a way to get your web 'out'. Webout can also find HTML5 videos on many webpages, and stream them on to your Apple TV (2nd Gen). Requires 4.2, a device that supports multitasking and the latest OS version on your Apple TV. The Apple TV can also   only show certain types of h264 content, as described on the Tech Specs page for the device on

Knowtilus Pro is an elegant, versatile and innovative Web Browser and Text Editor suite packed with all the tools you'll need while browsing, reading, writing, sharing and (re)searching the Web in your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It's the first iOS App with a built in human-like Interactive Digital Assistant that reads aloud web pages and your documents with 52 amazing voices.

Switch lets different people browse the web on a single iPad while keeping their own history, bookmarks and tabs.
Ever got frustrated because your friend's sites are open in every tab in Safari? Switch is for you! Each person who uses your iPad gets their own user account, so each time you open Switch everything is just how you left it.
There's even a Guest account for people borrowing iPad for a quick surf. When your friends log out of Switch, or just lock the screen, their browsing history is cleared so they can safely surf without worrying about privacy.
Switch is an app like any other and so can't provide password protection for other apps -- just the tabs, bookmarks and history in its own browser. If you want to keep your Facebook or Gmail sessions private, for example, you'll need to make sure you access these only from within Switch.

Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast web browser. With the help of cloud servers, Puffin Web Browser brings the desktop web browsing experience to tablets and smartphones. It renders the full versions of web pages quickly and reliably. It also supports Flash with excellent performance on iPads and iPhones.

ScudWeb for iPhone is a web browser with sleek interface where you can download and play unlimited videos hassle free.

Watch any missing and unfamiliar video formats on a webpage right on your mobile phone. Stream and download infinite mobile videos at a beaming speed as you browse internet using ScudWeb. 

- Multi-tab browsing interface – Surf the web faster than ever
- Private Browsing – Discreet surfing making it fully confidential 
- Offline Browsing - Convenient to go back through already-browsed web pages 
- Download videos and play them right on your phone
- Instantly Email Mobile Videos to friends
- Retains browsing and downloading history unless you delete it
- Sleek interface with intuitive web browsing
- Bookmark pages as you Browse for quicker access to web pages
- Select from themes - Enjoy browsing by personalizing the look of ScudWeb

Dolphin Sonar – Dolphin listens and lets you use your voice to search on the Internet, share on your favorite social networks, bookmark your favorite website, navigate and more.
*Currently Dolphin Sonar only supports English.
- Webzine - Fast loading, without ads; Webzine simplifies the way you read your favorite news, blogs and websites. 
-  Gesture - Let your inner artist out and create a personal symbol to access the websites you use the most.
- One-click share via Twitter/Facebook - Taking the work out of being social.
- Speed Dial - Visit you favorite sites on the go with one touch.
- Tabbed browsing - No need to toggle between screens, tabbed browsing lets you open and switch between pages fast as lightening.
- SideBars - Make the best of mobile interface via Dolphin SideBar.
- MenuBar - The fastest way to customize, share and find information.

Photon Flash Player Browser for iPhone 
-  Flash browsing support
- Fully featured powerful browser
- Bookmarks support
- Print web pages using AirPrint.
- More innovative features to come

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Worthy Storytelling Apps

The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad.
Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore.
Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.

“Story Wheel” is an educational game that improves your child’s cognitive abilities. Players record a story by spinning the wheel to get a picture, and then narrate a portion of the story. When done, you can listen to your story with beautifully animated pictures.

Select one of the many included page templates. Insert photos into the cells. Add a couple of balloons with fun words. Add additional effect symbols (stickers) like "Boom", "Splash", or "Bang" to spice up the story. When you are happy with your new graphic novel, share it with friends and family.Photos can be added from the camera, your photo-album, or downloaded directly from your Facebook account. You can apply filters to photos, and change the layout of the page to fit your needs. You can even paint on the photos, or draw your own sketches from scratch.Text balloons can be positioned, sized, and rotated freely on the page. You can alter colors, font, text-size. You can even give the balloons color gradients for additional impact.

Create multi-celled cartoons straight from your iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad! Are you ever bored on a train and think of an awesome joke? Wouldn’t it be great to quickly make a cartoon and email it to a friend or post it to Twitter or Facebook? With Cartoon Studio you can! With additional art packs available for downloading (and more packs to be added) there is no excuse to not start creating cartoons now!

Puppet Stage is your interactive theater. Choose from a dozen backgrounds, 25 characters, and a dozen vehicles. Fun for all ages; providing great fun with adorable graphics. Puppet Stage is made for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Create your own unique shows with animation and audio in real time! 
Simply pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later. 
This app is as fun as your own creativity. Act out a story of Pirates on the high seas, fight as scary monsters, or play the part of a Wild West bandit on the loose. You can even combine any characters however you want!

Making cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting on a puppet show - simply press the record button, move your characters onscreen, and tell your stories through play! Once you’re done, Toontastic will play back your animation and voice as a cartoon for you to share with friends and family around the world.

12 Great Kindergarden Apps

Alphabet Projector for Pre-Kindergarden / Kindergarden.

Ideal for independent learning, one on one instruction or connect a projector for use during whole class instruction.

Are you looking for the perfect application to teach your young children fundamental reading, writing and math skills? Well, look no further, because Kid Genius: All in 1 brings the classroom to the palm of your hand. We have designed the perfect app for both parents and kids.

Kid's ABC's allows kids to learn their alphabet sounds. This fun alphabet preschool game will reinforce letter recognition and help your child with letter sounds and vocabulary. Your child will be given a letter along with 4 pictures, in which they will choose the picture that corresponds with a letter. For example, the picture of an apple should be chosen for the letter "A" and not a balloon, giraffe, or monkey. Kid's ABC's will keep your child busy with a positive activity that is both educational and fun!

Talking Alphabet Teaching App for Kids of Preschool age.* Provides a beautiful, colorful and simple interface to help kids learn and speak english alphabets easily.

This will become your kid's favorite encyclopedia and app to play with! The ultimate game for every preschooler with HD graphics, vivid animal sounds and voice over text. It contains 90+ questions for more than 70 animals and items. Your 2-8 year old kids will love the educational descriptions of all the animals!

Kids Choose Words is an educational game for kids. It helps kids play with words and learn at the same time. While playing this fun game with 4 different modes, your kids can learn letters, words and how to spell and pronounce. Moreover, your kids will have a chance to challenge with their pals to know Who is faster with words. The goal is that your kids can sharpen their mind via a game not via a boring practicing lessons. Don’t be surprised if your kids with those minds that remember and recognize everything!

Kids Letters Puzzle is an educational fun game with 26 beautiful letters puzzles created with nice colorful graphics and many friendly animals such as dog, cat, bird, fish and so on. And additional 52 great bonus puzzles added to the games help your kids not only learn 26 letters but also learn things around them.

Kids Library is a interactive encyclopedia for Kids!
Where each new word leads to a new animals discovery with High-Quality Photos, Videos.
About Kids Library Animals
-Includes hundreds of photos and videos
-Provides information of Photos
-Can set up the user's Favorites(bookmark)
-Can view Slide Show

Beautiful puzzle game for kids. If your children love  wooden shape puzzles this is perfect game for them.

Over thirty boards with progressing difficulty gives a lot of fun.
Universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Kids Zoo HD is designed by pediatrician, kindergarden teachers and the parents. It aims for teaching young children to know animals, to love animals, to learn the name and sounds of different kinds of animals. It adopts newest audio, video and network technology to explore the best educational opportunity for your children.

+Alphabet Song
+The finger Family
+Oh, Mr. Sun
+The Little Indian
+The Muffin man

Let's Zoo In - Puzzle Game. This game focuses for children at Preschool to Kindergarden. Your child will love this simple, entertaining and educational game. Both parents and children will enjoy playing this game together. In the meantime have children build their analytical skills.

Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Great Kindergarden Apps

  Bee Amused, is a free app for kids that will literally amuse their curiosity and improve their motor and visual skills by letting them solve the different puzzles. Download it here:
KinderMatch is a Education App for Preschool children. It is a matching game. The rule is to identify identical objects and pair them up. Objects are removed when paired. This helps to develop and improve organization skills in children. Download it here:
What Does Not Belong? - Free. For each question, your child will see five pictures appear on the screen, one of which does not fit with the others. The child advances to the next question by dragging the picture that does not belong into the trash can in the lower left corner. To improve vocabulary and word retrieval, encourage your child to look carefully at the choices first. Then, ask your child to say the name of each picture. Download it here:
Last but not least in this list the Alien  Buddies is one of my favourite apps to use my young learners. The Alien Buddies iPhone/iPad app (1.99$) is designed with a variety of games and play modes to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. The games include: -Matching: color, shape, letter and number recognition (audio and visual modes) -Puzzle: problem solving, shape recognition Dot to Dot: sequential counting, fine motor skills Stickers: creative free play, fine motor skills (over 40 stickers and 8 landscapes). You  can download it here:

Practice Spelling with Rocket Speller - Young Learners

Rocket Speller is a fun and engaging spelling app for 3-7 year olds. Educators, occupational therapists, special education teachers, and parents agree that kids are engaged and learning with this app.

Kids join Zip the alien on an out-of-this-world spelling adventure to build a fancy new rocket. With 4 levels of difficulty, kids spell words to fuel his spaceship and help him choose the rocket pieces he needs. 

Correctly place letters to spell words and move through the game. Choose a rocket nose, body, and boosters. Once Zip has collected all the pieces, launch it from the launch pad and watch it soar into space!

Level 1 - Place letters in any order. Letter hints given.
Level 2 - Must place letters in order. Letter hints given. 
Level 3 - Simple words. Must place letters in order. No hints.
Level 4 - Complex words. Must place letters in order. No hints.

As a special surprise (and to invoke a giggle), touch Zip on the spelling pages and see what he does!

- Learn to spell words in a way that is fun, interactive and promotes self-initiated skill progression
- Develop awareness of how letters combine to form words
- Develop awareness of left to right order
- Promote letter recognition
- Reinforce knowledge of letter names
- Enhance vocabulary

Some screenshoots:

You can download this free app from this link:

or scan this code: