Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spot it - Kids Edition, My Free Vocabulary App for Young Learners

Well, this is a very special post. This post is actually a review for my first educational app. The app is called Spot it - Kids Edition (free) and it has been released today on app store. It is addressed to young and very young learners

Here a description of the app:

Spot it! Kids is an amazing brand new app created by experienced English teachers of young and very young learners. It provides to your child the potential to explore, discover and distinguish objects among other objects in different thematic areas. It gives a great deal of interactivity that can motivate your child or your young learner to learn everyday new vocabulary from a mobile device.

It is ideal for:

- Kindergarden kids (native and non-native speakers)

It is perfect for kindergarden kids as Spot it! Kids will help them develop their observation skills as well as their schematic knowledge on different thematic areas that come across everyday like toys, desk objects, zoo animals, tech objects and many more. What is more, it will raise learner's vocabulary as well as spelling awareness.

- Young learners (native and non-native)

This app can be a perfect tool for EFL teachers to present and practice new vocabulary with their young fellows. You can create many lesson plan to present eg desk objects using just Spot it! Kids.

- Parents

It is ideal for parents who want their children to spend their time with an educational, interactive app that motivates their kid to learn, observe and discover.

In this free Lite version you will get 4 fantastic thematic areas with toys, zoo animals, sea animals and space objects.

Some technical info:

This app is compatible for iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad that operates with 5.0 iOS or later.

In-build: twitter and mail share

Here are some screenshots:

You can download it for free here:


or scan this code to download it:


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