Monday, April 9, 2012

4 Great Kindergarden Apps

  Bee Amused, is a free app for kids that will literally amuse their curiosity and improve their motor and visual skills by letting them solve the different puzzles. Download it here:
KinderMatch is a Education App for Preschool children. It is a matching game. The rule is to identify identical objects and pair them up. Objects are removed when paired. This helps to develop and improve organization skills in children. Download it here:
What Does Not Belong? - Free. For each question, your child will see five pictures appear on the screen, one of which does not fit with the others. The child advances to the next question by dragging the picture that does not belong into the trash can in the lower left corner. To improve vocabulary and word retrieval, encourage your child to look carefully at the choices first. Then, ask your child to say the name of each picture. Download it here:
Last but not least in this list the Alien  Buddies is one of my favourite apps to use my young learners. The Alien Buddies iPhone/iPad app (1.99$) is designed with a variety of games and play modes to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten. The games include: -Matching: color, shape, letter and number recognition (audio and visual modes) -Puzzle: problem solving, shape recognition Dot to Dot: sequential counting, fine motor skills Stickers: creative free play, fine motor skills (over 40 stickers and 8 landscapes). You  can download it here:

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