Wednesday, April 18, 2012

12 Great Kindergarden Apps

Alphabet Projector for Pre-Kindergarden / Kindergarden.

Ideal for independent learning, one on one instruction or connect a projector for use during whole class instruction.

Are you looking for the perfect application to teach your young children fundamental reading, writing and math skills? Well, look no further, because Kid Genius: All in 1 brings the classroom to the palm of your hand. We have designed the perfect app for both parents and kids.

Kid's ABC's allows kids to learn their alphabet sounds. This fun alphabet preschool game will reinforce letter recognition and help your child with letter sounds and vocabulary. Your child will be given a letter along with 4 pictures, in which they will choose the picture that corresponds with a letter. For example, the picture of an apple should be chosen for the letter "A" and not a balloon, giraffe, or monkey. Kid's ABC's will keep your child busy with a positive activity that is both educational and fun!

Talking Alphabet Teaching App for Kids of Preschool age.* Provides a beautiful, colorful and simple interface to help kids learn and speak english alphabets easily.

This will become your kid's favorite encyclopedia and app to play with! The ultimate game for every preschooler with HD graphics, vivid animal sounds and voice over text. It contains 90+ questions for more than 70 animals and items. Your 2-8 year old kids will love the educational descriptions of all the animals!

Kids Choose Words is an educational game for kids. It helps kids play with words and learn at the same time. While playing this fun game with 4 different modes, your kids can learn letters, words and how to spell and pronounce. Moreover, your kids will have a chance to challenge with their pals to know Who is faster with words. The goal is that your kids can sharpen their mind via a game not via a boring practicing lessons. Don’t be surprised if your kids with those minds that remember and recognize everything!

Kids Letters Puzzle is an educational fun game with 26 beautiful letters puzzles created with nice colorful graphics and many friendly animals such as dog, cat, bird, fish and so on. And additional 52 great bonus puzzles added to the games help your kids not only learn 26 letters but also learn things around them.

Kids Library is a interactive encyclopedia for Kids!
Where each new word leads to a new animals discovery with High-Quality Photos, Videos.
About Kids Library Animals
-Includes hundreds of photos and videos
-Provides information of Photos
-Can set up the user's Favorites(bookmark)
-Can view Slide Show

Beautiful puzzle game for kids. If your children love  wooden shape puzzles this is perfect game for them.

Over thirty boards with progressing difficulty gives a lot of fun.
Universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Kids Zoo HD is designed by pediatrician, kindergarden teachers and the parents. It aims for teaching young children to know animals, to love animals, to learn the name and sounds of different kinds of animals. It adopts newest audio, video and network technology to explore the best educational opportunity for your children.

+Alphabet Song
+The finger Family
+Oh, Mr. Sun
+The Little Indian
+The Muffin man

Let's Zoo In - Puzzle Game. This game focuses for children at Preschool to Kindergarden. Your child will love this simple, entertaining and educational game. Both parents and children will enjoy playing this game together. In the meantime have children build their analytical skills.

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