Sunday, January 15, 2012

Social Networks on the Go - Starter Pack for iPad

Got an ipad recently? Here is a starter pack of the most popular useful and free social apps:

Twitter - Follow your interests: instant updates from your friends, industry experts, and what's happening around the world. 

The official Facebook app:

The official Skype app for ipad. Really useful and user-friendly.

This is the official mobile app of the new google's social network Google Plus.

HotSuite  is a perfect social media tool for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare. It combines all your social news in one single app.

TweerCaster is a very popular application for your Twitter account. It is a highly rated app which helps you organize the chaos of your Twitter stream. I personally love the user interface. It is fresh, quick and user-friendly.
My Pad can link Facebook and Twitter timeline in one app. It bears great resamblance with Hotsuite but there are ads included at the bottom of the app which can be distracting.

Vtok offers Google talk video calls, text chat and google voice. It can be downloaded for  free but you have to pay 1.59 E for unlimited calls.

Air Msn Messenger HD is a high quality Msn messenger app. The user can chat like in windows but not video call.

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